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1. Net and Books was founded at the beginning of 2001 by Rex How with the following advisors:
Publisher of Net and Books,Taipei (Taiwan).
Peter Weidhaas
Former President of Frankfurt Book Fair (Germany).
Shen Chang Wen
Former President of Beijing SDX Publishing Company (PR China).
Chen Yuan
Former President and Editor-in-Chief of Beijing Commercial Press (PR China).
Chen Wan Xiung
President and Editor-in-Chief of Hong Kong Commercial Press (Hong Kong).
Zhu Bang Fu
Deputy Chairman of Culture Communications (Hong Kong).
Gao Xin Jiang
Former Publisher of China Times Express,Taipei (Taiwan).

2. Among the several projects to be carried out by this company, the Net and Books series is the very first one launched.

3. There are several features of the Net and Books series.
Firstly, its format is a Mook, a cross between a magazine and a book.
Secondly, there is a specific theme to each Mook. Each Mook is organized by the following characteristics:
a). A timeline map with cross references between China and the other parts of the world, to display how this area of knowledge has been developed throughout human history.(sample pages of Issue 04 Color of Love

b). Recommended readings about this theme to help potential readers to find their way through the forest of knowledge. (sample pages of Issue 18 Space for Reading)(pdf 876K )
c). A collection of articles from four different perspectives, showing the readers how this theme of knowledge can be approached. (sample pages of Issue 01 Fashions of Reading)(pdf 2.8M )

4. Net and Books has been very well received by the readers in Taiwan and Hong Kong. A special Mainland Chinese version was launched last May and there was a rapturous response both in sales and reviews.

5. Our website will be the prime base for several projects of this company.
The Net and Books series is being updated continuously on the website, along with daily introductions to new books.
(Net and Books official website: http://www.netandbooks.com)

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